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We value the business partnerships we’ve made through word-of-mouth referrals. When you refer a company to us and they sign up for our services, we’ll show you our appreciation by sending you a $250 Cash Reward, or crediting your invoice $250 – whichever you prefer. Refer as many companies as you’d like.


It’s just our small way of saying MAHALO!

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to HR Hawaii’s “Spread the Aloha” referral rewards program. The individual that submits the referral is defined as the “referrer,” and the referred contact is defined as the “referred company.” Decisions regarding the referral program are final, binding, and non-appealable. To the extent permitted by applicable law, HR Hawaii reserves the right to change or cancel the rewards program at any time.

Eligibility Rules

Only qualified referrals are eligible for a reward. Qualified referrals are defined as:

  1. Referred contact information must be valid.
  2. If contact information is incorrect, we will reach out to the referrer and request additional information. If no additional contact information is provided, the referral will be considered invalid.
  3. The referred company is not already in contact with HR Hawaii. Exceptions will be made for companies with new ownership or executive management.
  4. Referrers must have a personal or professional relationship with the referred contact. Referrer must notify the referred contact that they will be contacted by HR Hawaii.
    1. If referral doesn’t know the referrer or is unaware they were referred, the referral is not qualified.
  5. Referral companies must be based in Hawaii, or do business in Hawaii to qualify.

Changes & Termination

To the extent permitted by applicable law, HR Hawaii may, at any time and without prior notice, terminate or modify the referral program or these terms. All questions or disputes regarding the referral program or interpretation of these rules will be resolved by HR Hawaii in its sole discretion. HR Hawaii reserves the right to void rewards if such rewards were earned in a fraudulent manner, or in a manner that violates applicable law or these terms in a manner otherwise not intended by HR Hawaii.

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